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Hi! my name is Irene Iaccio, I'm a freelance Javascript developer. This is the blog where I share tips and thoughts about tech, life and everything in between. About me

Full list of Magento2 Base font icons and their usage

This post is just a summary repost of Magento2 icons with their variable names. First of all, it’s useful to me because I always end up trying them all until I find the icon I need. I hope it can be useful for someone else too.

What ChatGPT can do and what it can't

A few months ago everyone updated their job title on LinkedIn to AI Expert, there are now more AI experts than CEOs in my own company. Ok, I’m not an expert at all, I’ve done some experiments on chatGPT and I have many doubts.

Optimize like a pro: Memoization in Javascript

Memoization is a caching technique that consists in saving the result of an expensive function and returning it if the same inputs are provided again. In short, it’s like having a “no smoking” sign inside a restaurant instead of going to each customer and asking them not to light their cigarettes.
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