No Copyright Policy

When I started this blog I wrote in one go “do whatever the fuck you want with this content” in the footer, I just meant that I didn’t mean to exercise any ownership rights for the posts that I publish in this blog.

I don’t make a living from writing, I’m a developer. I write mainly for myself, because I enjoy it, and then also to share my thoughts with others. But for sure my content has no economic value. Not directly at least, indirectly it help me network but that’s a story for another day.

As a developer I owe a lot to the community. I learned my trade on the web, I used other people’s code, I met many of my friends by giving and receiving advice on the internet. Everything I am as a professional is the result of big teamwork. What’s the point of locking the code and the words I write in the safe?

Also, I’m kind of an anarchist, I don’t like patents and strict rules.

A few days ago I found a minimalist blog (Zen Habits, by Leo Babauta), that has similar idea as me and even put it in writing more clearly than I could have. (Yes, I’m giving credits. No, I don’t have to I want to).

So, again, do whatever the fuck you want with this content. I don’t care. Of course I’m happy to get credits but I can live without it. I’m even happier if you just drop me a line to let me know how you used my content. But just because I’m courious like a cat and I love knowing new people on the internet (Even better over a beer, but it can’t always be done).


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