October 1, 2021

Es2021 Features part1

I started writing this series of posts about new javascript features during the 2020 quarantine. Now it’s 2021 and there are still severe restrictions in Italy. This list is undoubtedly the most strict for you. So let’s start with the features of ES2021: Read more

April 13, 2020

Es2020 New features part2

This is the second and final piece of the series dedicated to Es2020. Here you can find the first part where we talked about Dynamic import, BigInt and Module namespace exports. Let’s go ahead. Read more

April 2, 2020

Es2020 New features part1

2020 is not precisely a beautiful year, for Italy in particular but also for the rest of the world, we are quarantined because of the Coronavirus hoping it will end soon. But this 2020 did not bring us only bad news, Es2020 is out with new interesting features. Let’s see them together: Read more

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